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Global Mission Of Art, the group, occupies a vantage-point based on an open network for artists willing to work with each other on a global scale. Since 2007, our spectrum extended to connect different countries through individuals, without being limited to the borders of bureaucracy and politics.

Our goal, as a group of curators, is to empower you with the necessary tools to succeed in managing a curatorial Art project. The hereby statements raise the appropriate questions to organise such a project. They represent our views, are free of charge and come with no guarantee that such project will succeed without personal implication and organisation. Global Mission Of Art (GMOA) is in no way responsible for any loss or damage caused by such statements.

The following points will guide you through the necessary steps of project management. We have kept these steps as brief as possible, if you desire to discuss any of them please contact us at info@globalmissionofart.com

Articulating the project

One of the most important documents for a project is the proposal. Writing a proposal can be tiring and time consuming. The most important detail is that length doesn’t matter once a direction of curation is chosen. What we mean by direction is your will to select and retain only the relevant concept that stands out. The how will eventually unfold with time or when sharing your thought with others.
If you have already written one, send it so we can proof read it. If you happen to simply have the main idea and desire to discuss it or want to formulate the concept, we will be glad to exchange thoughts and tips.

Content curation

Content matters, its quality matters most. Both are obviously subjective and personal, yet a certain consistency of the retained works must be palpable.
How to choose quality works and how to present the content in accordance ?

Curation helps you build an audience. Sharing your project with us will enable you to have a larger group of people with whom to share your own content, and who can spread the word. This either by our presence in the social media or by the possible collaborations with our partners.

In seeking consistency, all content will be verified by our curators panel. This includes the project proposal as well as the selected works.

Sharing strategy

If the content is ready and the project is viable, the remaining action would be to employ all means to make it visible. Different strategies can be employed yet what matters the most is the audience that you would like to target as well as the message you want to convey.
Since 2007, at GMOA, the messaging included when sharing such content, have been unique and provide value. Even if we expect nothing less, we are at your disposal for any required help or inquiry.

Working with us on your project will result in branding yourself through GMOA. Our strength in promoting the diversity of the individuals we work with and the on-going collaborations or partnerships will come in handy.

Once you establish a personal brand via curation, you can carry that brand into your next job or business. The value of your curation work with GMOA accrues to you, while also benefiting GMOA or any other partner you happen to be involved with at the moment. To find a sponsor or donor, contact us directly to help you in that matter since we do not disclose any sensitive information on our website.

Legal terms

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To further learn on our being and becoming, please refer to the about section.