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Last updated: Jan. 30 2017


Global Mission Of Art is not an institution of any kind but a curatorial platform and most importantly a multicultural one.

Our principal activity is focused on the development and presentation of cultural artefacts according to clearly defined and coherent themes or principles.

This platform was born as a movement which manifested its first activities through Art with the help of a team of more than thirty artists from various nations of the world, determined to set up a variety of events based on Art.

From Art creation to Art support, our activities include the organization of exhibitions, the publication of books or magazines, alongside the capacity to hold different conventions and training workshops around the world and most importantly to allocate all the funds raised through these events to non-profitable institutions serving causes to support life in its best and worst facets.

In order to assess the impact of these activities at social levels, also on the beneficiary addressees, your contribution will be needed throughout all the upcoming projects.

Unless we grow together through our diversity, this whole platform and its goals cannot be attained.

If you feel concerned, have an idea that you want to realize or a proposition to make, we will carry out your project together so to bring into reality your inclination.

Through your participation and equal opportunity to thrive, succeed and have your voice heard we want you not to forget therefore the importance of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@globalmissionofart.com if your will to participate is intermingled with a desire to give forward through Art expression.



'' In phenomenology of spirit, humans are believed to be unrestrained when they contemplate '' ( G.W.F Hegel )

One shall experience beyond citations and theories. Being an experiment in itself, we desire to find out whether the influence of art in today's world, with all its convergence in social issues and in the escalation of intelligence in all its forms, may be considered beyond the range of its particular addressees.

A quest to discover whether art is able to surpass the conspicuous differences (between social contexts affected by language & cultures throughout societies) or to expand its effective horizons as far as the perception of those different social environments vary (which may completely be out of the circle of particular addressees).