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Last updated: Jan. 30 2017

1st Project : The 'Photo Assemblage' Exhibition

with the collaboration of 15 photographers

Project year : 2010
Location : Tehran, Iran

This project embodies various visions throughout a selection of collaborative works, created to raise suspicion in means employed to transmit a visual information. Means which reflect each and every artist during one's own journey.

The convergence of social contexts and art has always been an area of interest to intellectuals as well as literary and philosophical critics. The climax of this focus dates back to XIXth century when numerous conceptual debates on linguistic correlation of art-or as Roman Jakobson brands it "The Retrospective Function of Art" had turned into the main topic of literary and artistic assemblies.

Regardless of all the never-ending disputes over the universal expression of art, this relation with social contexts finds its most influential aspect not in its entirety, but in its detailed expression. This detailed expression refers to those crucial moments in which art is manifested through a particular social theme that may not be attributed to any other moment in history.

At that special moment, it is neither important whether you are an artist or an addressee, nor is it important whether you are a particular addressee of art or that as a common addressee you are not included within the framework of direct addressees, since art would stamp its impact on the perception of all people of society and it would remind them of the context wherein they live.

One of the prominent instances regarding this issue is a different interpretation of French Revolution which according to Hegel aroused people's perception of living through history or as Kant suggests, it had altered the wisdom of hundred thousands of peoples that were not even involved in it.

And this actually elucidates the capability of art and it is yet another manifestation of what Hegel called "the spirit of the times".

Our purpose of forming this group was also to experience this reality: an experience beyond citations and theories. This is an experiment to find out whether the influence of art in today's world with all the convergence in social issues and the escalation of intelligence, may be considered beyond the range of its particular addressees.

To discover whether art is able to surpass the conspicuous differences between social contexts – affected by language and culture of societies- and expand its effective horizons as far as the perception of those classes of society whom are completely out of the circle of particular addressees.

This panel has begun its activities under the title of "Global Mission of Art".

Considering what was mentioned above, it should be noted that our goal is beyond organizing a charity affair; we are looking to disseminate art in social context that have never been in direct contact with art.

Art in our view is with no doubt similar to religion and philosophy in that it bears cognitional and rational values as it clarifies the essence of human relation to nature and others, it reaches its most influential form when it stimulates reflection at all social levels.

All the profits made throughout this project went directly to MAHAK, an organization to support children suffering from cancer offering services in the fields of Welfare, Medical treatment & Research.


Many works were left unsold, while browsing the images on the left panel one is able to see if a work is priced or sold.

If you desire to purchase any of the works please contact us info@globalmissionofart.com

All works appear by order of their corresponding artists (left - right, head - bottom).