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Last updated: Jan. 30 2017

3rd Project : 'Nos Enfants, Our Children'

with the collaboration of 18 photographers

Project year : 2012
Location : Paris, France.

This project spotlights early childhood, child welfare and how children experience change and instability.

A look at the way we have organized ourselves as a society to provide care for children. Yet, for all those we leave behind, to live on their own, relying on their selves deprived from what we all want our children to have.

A social reportage from each artist, a singular perspective, expressed by the means employed by each artist, yet the work should be figurative.

Each work not only displays a personal perspective yet reflects the artist's means employed to look into childhood.

This exhibition presented a diverse spectrum of what childhood may consist of depending of each and every artist. All that we do and afflict one another is perceived, absorbed and the least reflected in the eyes of next generations, our children.

During the "Nos Enfants - Our Children" exhibition, approximately 500 € were raised for UNICEF France. This amount represents 75% of all gains through this exhibition, the rest is being employed as means to fund-raise and finance the administration of such projects.

Regardless of the exact amount, we thank our artists for their valued participation.

Our collaboration with UNICEF, enables us to help UNICEF supply vaccines reaching 36% of the world's children. Note that 20 € is enough to supply all the necessary vaccines for one child.

This project was inspired by the 'Put it Right', five year initiative, by UNICEF UK to inspire action to protect the rights of children everywhere, as reported by the Guardian Child rights: you can help change lives

This project has been presented in Paris, France the 17th of November as a before opening to discover the works of art presented by 18 photographers and for the Universal Children's Day, the 20th of November, marking the day on which the UN General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child.

Take action today and help us put it right.

"If I had one wish for my children, it would be that each of them would reach for goals that have meaning for them as individuals." Lillian Carter

Our goal is for them to reach theirs.